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Воскресенье, 18.11.2018
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battle no mercy 4

So Let's get this party started !!! TFaC Team Presents his 4th "Battle : No Mercy" Tournament called "Against All Odds" Like other tournaments before the point system will stay but in different way, now you get 5 points for win, 2 points for draw, sorry but for lose your points will shine 0. There will be 10 rounds in , 5 different arenas, arena numbers will be known on [presentation match] - what is presentation match just read more and you will know.
Stage 1 (Mark your spot)
When 36 players will register,  they will play one [presentation match] this match don't have big meaning , but it have a meaning in what group you will be drafted [A or B] . 18 players who will win their match will be drafted to group A , and 18 players who will lose will be drafted to group B.
Stage 2 (Be on top)
So A and B groups will have 18 players. You must play against all enemies(maybe friends) in your group one time, 8 players from each group who will have the most points will go to next round , for others what I can say just bye bye... and good luck next time.
Stage 3 (Against All Odds)
Now A and B group will have 8 players,  A group will have 4 players who had most points in group A and B, and B group will have 6 players who was 4-6 position in their groups. Only 4 members from each group will go to the next round for semi finals.
Stage 4 (Final)
[A1] vs. [B4] => [F1]
[A2] vs. [B3] => [F2]
[A3] vs. [B2] => [F3]
[A4] vs. [B1] => [F4]

[F1] vs. [F3] => [H1](Winner) [X1](Loser)
[F4] vs. [F2] => [H2](Winner) [X2](Loser)

[H1] vs. [H2] => For First Place
[X1] vs. [X2] => For 3rd Place
Rules and what you must know :
10 rounds
Win 5pts. Draw. 2pts. Lose 0pts.
Guns only shotgun / deagle
arenas will be told when tournament starts
cheats and all bugs are not allowed
show respect for referee or you will be kicked, and your spot will take other player
More information ask me : fera911s
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Добавил: XAKER

Да тебе со мной повезло), я б тебя сделал ;D
Дата публикации: 12.04.2012 Спам

Добавил: Hellsing

1.Hellsing 6-4 Rdw.XAKER win
2.Hellsing 6-4 Rdw.kib win
3.Hellsing 5-5 Kos9k.L1nkoln draw
4.Hellsing 6-4 Revoground win
5.Hellsing 1-9 [E1]Smo1x lose
6.Hellsing 5-5 GTR draw
7.Hellsing 7-3 [RM]Mks win
Дата публикации: 30.03.2012 Спам
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